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clef change problem with grace notes

From: Molly Preston
Subject: clef change problem with grace notes
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2021 09:44:06 -0400

When changing clefs in the left hand the treble clef is placed on the right side of the bar line. It seems to be related to the grace notes happening in the right hand. Does anyone have a fix for this? 


\new Staff {
  \time 7/8 
  \clef bass
   ees8 (   d des d fis)-. d ( fis -.   )   |
      \time 5/4 
    \clef treble
  \grace { b''8\(  cis''' } 
  dis'''2\)  fis''' 4\(  ais''2\)  |

\new Staff {
    \clef bass
    ees,4. ees,8 ~ ees,   ees,4   |
     \clef treble 
     cis''2. ~ cis''2 |



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