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Re: Syntax error encountered while engraving a successfully updated Muto

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: Syntax error encountered while engraving a successfully updated Mutopia ly file
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2021 20:06:08 +0100
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Aaron Hill <> writes:

> convert-ly knows how to fix this:
> %%%%
>   \override Thing #'property #'sub-property = #'value
> %
>   \override = #'value
> %%%%
> It does not however seem to correct:
> %%%%
>   variable #'key = #'value
> %
>   variable.key = #'value
> %%%%

commit 10df1245877fb5e16410388ef42b71c9aa06a9d9
Author: David Kastrup <>
Date:   Mon Mar 30 00:49:14 2020 +0200

    Issue 5872: convert-ly rule for 2.19.39 as cleanup for issue 4800
    That issue made previously valid and promoted code invalid without
    proper replacement.
    Property assignments of the form
    staffgroup-staff-spacing #'basic-distance = #15
    are converted to
    staffgroup-staff-spacing.basic-distance = #15
    for various paper or layout spacing variables.

The problem is that this convert-ly rule was done rather late and so you
need at least convert-ly from 2.21.0 to get this right.  So if you used
an older convert-ly for getting your version across 2.19.39, this
convert-ly fix will no longer get applied.

The good news should be that the given score should work in 2.21.x+
again assuming that you convert it all the way from its ancient version
with the new convert-ly.

Of course it would also work in 2.20 if you use the latest convert-ly to
go just up to 2.20.  But who does that?

David Kastrup

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