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Re: lyric-syllable-magnetic-snap stopped working in 2.23.5—meta.classes

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: lyric-syllable-magnetic-snap stopped working in 2.23.5—meta.classes error
Date: Fri, 3 Dec 2021 14:03:52 +0100
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Le 03/12/2021 à 13:31, Simon Albrecht a écrit :
Dear list,

I’ve just upgraded to 2.23.5 from 2.23.3 and when I now use the attached library file, I get this error message in my log:

Interpreting music... fatal error: meta.classes must be non-empty list, found #f Exited with return code 1.

Can someone help with fixing it?

Thanks in advance and best regards Simon

This is caused by a change in the internals
of grob definitions. They are not user-exposed
yet, precisely for the reason that they are
not fully fleshed out yet. In the meanwhile,
it's unfortunately sort of expected that
snippets like this can break with upgrades.

Please find attached an updated version.


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