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Re: String at the bottom of a cover page without using \markup

From: Paolo Prete
Subject: Re: String at the bottom of a cover page without using \markup
Date: Sat, 18 Dec 2021 00:06:56 +0100

Hello Valentin,

Of course I can put a global flag for swapping header content to footer content and vice-versa. But what if I put the non-recurring "motto" of my previous example in a recurring footer and preserve easy swapping? I would have to do something like this (pseudo-code), in order to swap:

header-content = page-numbers
footer-content = motto-on-first-page


header-content = nothing
footer-content = motto-on-first-page + page-numbers

As you can see this is not a simple swap: additional logic is required, because motto and page-numbers have two different recurrence settings (no recurrence for motto and recurrence for page-numbers). This happens because I'm coupling what should be in the body with what should be in the footer.
Instead, a clean or basic template IMHO doesn't need additional logic: just set the recurrence values for the header and for the footer and you have done. 
And this is how, AFAIK, a basic typography template does work. When I write such a page with LibreOffice, I don't need any additional logic or plugin for swapping the elements. In addition: It is true that a footer doesn't necessarily have to be recurring; however, as you can note, it is recurring as *default*. This default has a precise meaning: recurring is the rule, non-recurring is the exception. When you have to use an exception, you should firstly evaluate if you have a proper field for managing it. And the proper field for this case is the Body part, which is non-recurring as default. This is why I would use an alternative tool for cover/introductory pages of a score, in case they don't fit with the LP template. And this is absolutely not intended for "blaming" LP: instead, it is the contrary. IMHO, having an all-in-one program, especially for open-source programs, is not possible and it would not be reasonable either. LP is excellently focused on score engraving and that is enough. All-in-one programs are better for closed source stuff, not for open-source systems. And putting together different open source programs so to have an exhaustive system should be a normal routine. Hope my message is clear.


On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 11:00 PM Valentin Petzel <> wrote:
Hello Paolo,

as already pointed out you can customize the footer markup to contain anything you want, including custom header fields (also you can implement stuff like swapping of page number position depending on global flags or something).

Then a footer does not need to be recurring. A footer is just something printed below the actual content.

So I'd consider using footer markup as a quite clean way of doing such things.


17.12.2021 19:20:27 Paolo Prete <>:

On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 7:14 PM Kevin Barry <> wrote:
> I'm still convinced it is a hack. Commonly, the "hack" term is used for indicating a work-around with some emphasis.
> In the case we are talking about, David's suggestion would be a simple work-around (---> improper use of a label to bypass the problem).

I think you're overthinking things here: think of copyright as a name
for any text you might want to put at the bottom of the first page.

It's not important what I think, it is important what can be read on the code at a glance. 
If I write copyright = "Composed in 2021", then I have to add a comment note above that line as memo for explaining that the copyright field was used for another purpose. Not a clean code, IMHO.


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