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Re: 5/16 of 4/4 as a partial? How?

From: Christian
Subject: Re: 5/16 of 4/4 as a partial? How?
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2021 21:44:05 +0100

Hi Kenneth!

You might just wanna try:
\partial 16*5

All the best,

Am Mo., 20. Dez. 2021 um 21:22 Uhr schrieb Kenneth Wolcott <>:

  I'm engraving a piece in 4/4 which has a partial of one sixteenth
note, followed by a dotted eighth and another sixteenth note.

How to engrave this?

My sloppy workaround was to use spacer notes (s2 s8.) to proceed the
aforementioned which completes the measure, but looks awful :-)

Ken Wolcott

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