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Re: global alignment tweak for ChordName

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: Re: global alignment tweak for ChordName
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 2021 13:33:21 -0500

oops! forgot the ** footnote:

** Thanks again to the ’Pond for how amazing the app already is: every time I 
crank out amazing looking scores and parts in such a short period of time, I'm 
reminded how lucky we all are for the efforts of the developers. All of my 
Finale- and Sibelius-using friends are downright angry when they see how 
quickly I can generate scores and especially parts-from-a-score (those being 
almost entirely tweak-free, thanks to my stylesheets!).  =)

> On Dec 21, 2021, at 1:30 PM, Kieren MacMillan <> 
> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm cramming out scores for an upcoming workshop of a new musical**, and am 
> once again in need this ChordName alignment feature. Is anyone out there able 
> to shepherd me through building a callback to make this happen?
> Thanks,
> Kieren.
>> On Jun 16, 2018, at 1:41 PM, Kieren MacMillan 
>> <> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like my chord names to be centred until they’re of a certain width 
>> (say as wide as Cm7), and anything wider than that would extend to the right 
>> from a position slightly to the left of the note column they’re attached to 
>> (as if X-offset = -1).
>> Would this best be done with a Scheme callback function (maybe attached to 
>> #'after-line-breaking or #'before-line-breaking)? I'm happy to try to solve 
>> the problem myself (i.e., poke around at the Scheme until I run into a 
>> serious roadblock), but want to at least start down the correct path.
>> Thanks for any pointers!
>> Kieren.

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