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Re[2]: possible bug?

From: E Appeldoorn
Subject: Re[2]: possible bug?
Date: Sun, 26 Dec 2021 19:43:09 +0000
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Thanks for your time, but this just fails in many other ways. If you leave the function as is and then change the music to

  \new Staff
    c'8 d' \embellish { c'16 d' e' } f'!4
     g'!8[ \embellish { d'16 e' f' } a8]
  \new Staff
    c'16 d' e' d' e' d' c' d' f' e' d' c'

There are no words. The embellished notes just disappear. Sorry if I misunderstood.

vriendelijke groet, Erik Appeldoorn

------ Origineel bericht ------
Van: "Valentin Petzel" <>
Aan: "Lukas-Fabian Moser" <>; "" <>
CC: "E Appeldoorn" <>
Verzonden: 26-12-2021 20:35:28
Onderwerp: Re: possible bug?

Hello Erik,

I think the behaviour you want is for some sort of embellishment which
basically is handled similar to some sort of articulation.

The appended file is in an extremely hacky demonstration of how one could
implement something like, though this is doing very shady things.


Am Samstag, 25. Dezember 2021, 21:02:00 CET schrieb E Appeldoorn:
 Thanks Lukas (and others)
 but after applying \override Score.SpacingSpanner.strict-grace-spacing =
 ##t the score still gets squashed and mangled. It is a larger and
 complex score (Thanks to B Britten) and sometimes a solution in one bar
 creates an error in an other. I still lean towards it being a bug.

 PS I did not expect to get stuck, but it seems that the end result in
 this score leaves to be desired.

 ------ Origineel bericht ------
 Van: "Lukas-Fabian Moser" <>
 Aan: "E Appeldoorn" <>; ""
 Verzonden: 25-12-2021 20:44:22
 Onderwerp: Re: possible bug?

 >And one addition:
 >>I did try the options you then gave me. (context \score \override
 >>SpacingSpanner.strict-note-spacing = ##t and also \override
 >>Score.SpacingSpanner.strict-grace-spacing = ##t)>
 >The relationship between those two settings is not at all obvious from the
 >But in fact, if I read the source correctly,
 >strict-grace-spacing = ##t
 >is strictly weaker[1] than
 >strict-note-spacing = ##t.
 >So, in your use case: You can forget about strict-note-spacing, since the
 >behaviour that interests you is controlled by strict-grace-spacing, and
 >strict-note-spacing does the same thing *and more*.
 >[1] For future reference: The two booleans are translated in
 >lily/ into
 >float_nonmusical_columns_ for strict-note-spacing
 >float_grace_columns_ for strict-grace-spacing
 >which both are used
 >1) in lily/ treat grace columns as loose
 >if _either_ of the two properties is true, 2) in lily/
 >handle actual non-musical columns; here, only float_nonmusical_columns_ is

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