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Re: optional cue notes (copied to list this time

From: Paul Scott
Subject: Re: optional cue notes (copied to list this time
Date: Mon, 27 Dec 2021 13:10:58 -0700
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Thank you, Carl.

It works fine for a single "chord."  I should have given an MWE with more notes.

I will modify the code to indicate what I need even though it fails.

On 12/27/21 12:31, Carl Sorensen wrote:
On 12/27/21, 12:02 PM, "lilypond-user on behalf of Paul Scott" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

     How can I get two note heads on a single stem and have one of the note
     heads be smaller?

\version "2.22"


  \new Staff {

    \fixed c' {

      << { a4 b } { \tweak font-size -2 { a' b } } >>




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