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glossary suggestions from novice

From: Tom Sgouros
Subject: glossary suggestions from novice
Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2021 09:02:22 -0500

Hello all:

I wonder if the "system" entry in the glossary might be enhanced by including the lilypond-specific definition. Currently it reads like this:

"The collection of staves (staff), two or more, as used for writing down keyboard, chamber, choral, or orchestral music; a section of the score spanning the width of a single page."

This seems to imply the word has two meanings, but I think in the context of Lilypond, it has only one. Should it say "a collection of staves that span the width of a single page"? (Is that what a "system" means?) It's not in the technical glossary, either.

Also, there is no entry for "spanner" (also no simple index entry, and not in the technical glossary, either). It does have a section to itself, for those bright enough to use the table of contents, but the index entries only point to it in a fairly indirect way.

Thank you,


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