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Re: Relative Tempo Markings in Lilypond 2.22

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: Relative Tempo Markings in Lilypond 2.22
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 04:10:40 +0000
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´╗┐On 12/29/21, 6:20 PM, "lilypond-user on behalf of David M. Boothe, CAS" 
< on behalf of> wrote:

    I have a score in 2.18, one section of which uses with the following code:
    \tempo \markup { \pad-to-box #'(0 . 0) #'(8 . 10)
                  \concat {
                    { \override #'(font-name . "Linux Biolinum Slanted")
    \fontsize #1 "Musette  " }
                  \small \general-align #Y #DOWN \note #"8" #1
                  " = "
                  \small \general-align #Y #DOWN \note #"8" #1
    This produces the section title followed by eighth note equals eighth
    note, in parentheses.
    When I tried to render the score in 2.22, I received the following
    error message:
    /music_typeset/tonsing_pm+f/ error: wrong type
    for argument 1.  Expecting duration, found "8"
                  \small \general-align #Y #DOWN \note
                                                       #"8" #1
    As best I can tell, I'm using the form given in the manual, so I'm not
    sure what this error means or how to fix it. Commenting out the code
    to create the "Musette" title makes no difference.
    I'm using Lilypond in Frescobaldi on WIndows 10.

convert-ly will fix this for you.

The argument for \note changed from a string ( #"8")  to a duration ({8}).  See



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