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2.23.5 and poly-mark-engraver

From: Joel C. Salomon
Subject: 2.23.5 and poly-mark-engraver
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2021 12:07:10 -0500
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I'm returning to an old project (last touched in 2016) on a new computer, and I’m running 2.23.5 on Windows 11.

Several of the scores used poly-mark-engraver from <> (see also <>), and this now fails with

fatal error: cannot find music object: MarkEvent

(Minimal example below signature; the demonstration included in <> also fails the same way.)

This is both a bug-report if anyone’s maintaining the snippet, and a question whether there’s now a better way to write da capo, al segno, and other coda-like repeats.

—Joel C. Salomon

    \version "2.23.5"
    \language "english"

\include "" %

    \score {
      \new PianoStaff
        \new Staff = "upper" \relative c'' { c c c c | }
        \new Dynamics = "dynamics" {
          \polyMark #'DCFine \markup \italic "Segue"
          \bar "|."
        \new Staff = "lower" \relative c { \clef bass c c c c | }

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