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Re: Prototype Frescobaldi in the browser

From: Mike Blackstock
Subject: Re: Prototype Frescobaldi in the browser
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2022 20:05:21 -0400

re - "Are you planning to run lilypond inside a chroot jail and/or in safe mode? "

It's running in a linux kernel virtual machine ('KVM'), which isolates it from the main host.


On Mon, Aug 8, 2022 at 1:05 PM William <> wrote:
Not passing judgement on this project either way, but there are lots of online text editor applications, such as markdown editors or google docs. Some people like to use them, others don’t. There are also other web applications which apply the real-time-updates feature of google docs in a visual engraving software. I guess there’s not really any reason to not have this as an option for someone who likes it.

I’d like to say something else about this web application that OP should keep in mind, in case others haven’t brought this up yet. As all of us know, lilypond includes many features that are designed to be helpful for users who know what they are doing but could be quite dangerous if malicious code is parsed, such as the ability to read other files or run system commands. Are you planning to run lilypond inside a chroot jail and/or in safe mode? Because safe mode clamps down on a lot of the more extended functionality such as scheme extensions and even other things such as #(set-global-staff-size).

I guess copying how lilybin et Al handle this will be fine.

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> On Aug 8, 2022, at 01:34, Andrew Bernard <> wrote:
> How many people need that? Doesn't everybody have a laptop? Let's hear from the OP. I'm curious.
> Andrew
>> On 8/08/2022 1:15 pm, Knute Snortum wrote:
>> Well, I can imagine that it would be useful to be able to move from
>> computer to computer, when you don't necessarily have Frescobaldi
>> installed, especially if you can save to the cloud.


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