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Re: An infix syntax for Scheme ...

From: Carl Sorensen
Subject: Re: An infix syntax for Scheme ...
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 2022 10:07:50 -0600

On Tue, Aug 9, 2022 at 3:46 PM Jean Abou Samra <> wrote:
To be honest, I have no idea if what I did here is actually a good idea
at all (I for one won't use it). I'm just curious to see. On the one hand,
normal Scheme syntax is used in all Scheme tutorials, in the Guile manuals,
on mailing list snippets, and when printing values, so only using Herescheme
syntax without knowing about basic Scheme syntax is likely tough. On the
other hand, I know Scheme is off-putting to some people just because of its
many parentheses and the "unintuitive" way of placing the operator as
I think it's an amazing piece of work to do this.

But I think it's not a good idea for LilyPond.

If you're going to extend things in LilyPond, you need to understand Scheme (because so much of it is written in Guile).  Herescheme just creates another language to learn (and it's questionable to me that it is easier to learn).  While it reads more like english, it doesn't advance the learning of Guile.

I'm not in favor of adding this to LilyPond.



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