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Re: Markup in ChordNames context

From: Jean Abou Samra
Subject: Re: Markup in ChordNames context
Date: Sat, 13 Aug 2022 07:45:11 +0200
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Le 13/08/2022 à 01:02, Peter Chubb a écrit :
        Sometimes in vocal+ukulele music I want to indicate that a
        particular chord uses an alternate fingering.  I'd like to add
        an asterisk and a footnote with fret diagram for these cases.
        But the obvious
            \chordmode { d^"*" }
        fails with  "error: string outside of text script or

        I'm using Lilypond 2.22.2

        Can someone give me a clue?

Peter C

This is curiously similar to the recent question

For footnotes referring to an object in the music, you can't
use markup footnotes. You need to use the \footnote command.

\version "2.22.2"

\new ChordNames \chordmode {
  \once \override Score.FootnoteItem.annotation-line = ##f
  \footnote "*" #'(0.01 . 0.01) \markup { foo bar baz} d


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