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Re: Centering Systems

From: josh
Subject: Re: Centering Systems
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 19:41:34 -0400
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I did set the paper size in the paper block using

#(set-paper-size "ansi c" 'landscape )

The only difference between previous, successful uses of this script and now is that I am using the ansi c page size instead of ansi a.

On 8/14/2022 2:29, Hans Aikema wrote:

On 14 Aug 2022, at 04:58, josh <> wrote:


It worked great. I use it for a very specific circumstance for some of the music I engrave. Since that time, I have moved to using ANSI C paper size (11" x 17") and now the systems do not fill to the bottom of the page. The problem is, I have never gotten the hang of scripts and I don't quite know what I am looking at. Which values in the script should I update to allow the systems to vertically fill the new page size?

You did set the appropriate paper size (lilypond defaults to A4)? Or did you only move to using it as the goal for the printouts?

Changing paper size is documented at

Besides the paper-size there are variables that might influence the vertical layout of your score when used.

If you have 1-page scores and it happened to vertically fit you previous page size you might need to set the ragged-last-bottom to false (it's true by default)

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