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Re: [Lingot-devel] lingot 0.8.0 hangs

From: Karel Volný
Subject: Re: [Lingot-devel] lingot 0.8.0 hangs
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 22:52:54 +0100
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> Thank you for your report.
> I can't reproduce this bug, so I'll need more info.

just a note, later I've tested on two other machines, and it happens just with 
Fedora 12 on x86_64, while Fedora i686 and Gentoo amd64 (x86_64) are ok

> Regarding the debugger output, I suppose that the bug appears when you
> click the cancel button in the config dialog.

yes, this is when the program stops responding

but the problem is there from the same beginning, it just never returns from 
the reading function

> I believe that this can be caused by a thread managing weakness when using
> the JACK API, so please tell me ...
> Are you switching between JACK and ALSA via the cancel button when lingot
> hangs?.

it is exactly the opposite, it does not hang with JACK

it happens when the program is started with ALSA or OSS, or after ALSA or OSS 
is chosen

sorry for not giving you the information at first - I was just so confused by 
the behavior of the code tha I forgot how to write a nice bugreport :-)

I'll take a look at the new version tomorrow


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