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Re: [Linphone-developers] dtmf with linphone

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] dtmf with linphone
Date: 08 Aug 2002 20:45:44 +0200


Linphone does not support DTMFs. In any case this is not a feature from
libosip: SIP does not care about DTMFs. It 's only a problem that
concerns audio processing, user interface and RTP (rfc1889+rfc2833).
The RTP stack of linphone (oRTP) is able to send DTMF packets and
receive DTMF packets. This is the only thing that is already there in
linphone. The work that has to be done consists in user interface, dtmf
waves generation and playing.
Aren't you french ?  We can discuss this more in native language (but
not on mailling list because other users won't be happy).
I'm currently logged on If you have an
irc client we can chat now.

Le jeu 08/08/2002 à 17:43, Lénaïc Huard a écrit :
> Hello !
> I would like to know whether something for dtmf generation exists or not.
> (I don't think linphone support it and neither do libosip.)
> Since I need dtmf, if linphone doesn't deal with it, I'll have to add dtmf 
> support
> myself. If so, does anybody knows where I may find info (how does dtmf work 
> with SIP,
> Are dtmf signals only two sin waves even in VoIP application...)
> thanks.
> Lénaïc (who apologizes for his maybe not perfect english !)
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