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Re: [Linphone-developers] compliance with rfc3261! :)

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] compliance with rfc3261! :)
Date: 25 Aug 2002 13:10:16 +0200

Thank you Aymeric !

I will merge your modified version into the main osipua for
linphone-0.9.1 . 

Le sam 10/08/2002 à 06:30, Aymeric Moizard a écrit :
> I've done this yesterday:
> I modified a lot osipua in order it can use
> the dialog.h API from osip and replace
> the message builder methods by the ones
> from josua.
> I made a little patch in oSIP (get ict_fsm.c from the CVS) , so that we
> don't have to rewrite the request-uri of ACK. (this only happen in failure
> cases...). The new important element is the OsipDialog->dialog element
> used to build request within dialog.
> I've tested very few the new signalling but It mostly run for
> outgoing invite, incoming bye, outgoing bye. All those
> scnerios has been tested through partysip and it seems
> it's already compliant to the route/record-route mechanism
> described in rfc3261. Also, linphone use branch parameter
> with the magic cookie and use the a pre-route-set (as
> described in the rfc) to forword the initial request (INVITE)
> to a proxy.)
> I think it's full of memory leak, but it's a good start for
> a compliant revision of osipua.
> You can doanload the code (don't trust the name and version :)
> at
> Aymeric
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