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[Linphone-developers] daemonizing the telephone

From: Ard van Breemen
Subject: [Linphone-developers] daemonizing the telephone
Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2005 14:45:03 +0100
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I have a working implementation of linphone which is started as a
kind of daemon (from inittab that is).
I've hacked the console version (of the stable release) to listen
to ipc using unix sockets (own implementation).
All kind of applications can connect to that socket and send
commands. One such application is a UI which is going to be used
in a call-center.

What I want to know is: should I clean up the patches and make
some options so that the console version will be multifunctional,
or should I start a separate tree next-to console? (I assume all
my patches will be more or less accepted 8-D ).

Rationale behind this: linphone (actually it was another program
that I wrote, but finally ditched) should be run at certain
privileges with a certain priority independent of the UI. If the
X-server got b0rken due to a mozilla getting crazy, it should not
have effects on the current telephone call. To put it
differently: it should be a very viable competitor to a normal
phone in a call-center.

(I'm using thin-clients that are very bad: a geode processor with
32MB ram and USB headsets, more precise: neoware capio-506 with
plantronics USB headset. Yes, the volume buttons on the headsets
work :-) )
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