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[Linphone-developers] patch + suggestions

From: Taco Witte
Subject: [Linphone-developers] patch + suggestions
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 21:05:31 +0100

Hi Linphone developers,

After almost giving up I found out (inspired by [1]) that the
"Cisco-SIPGateway/IOS-12.x" server used by sends "MD5"
instead of MD5 during the authentication procedure. I'd suggest the
attached patch (against 1.0.0pre8) to make it work.

Then a suggestion: I noticed that using "sip:user" instead of
"sip:address@hidden" doesn't work. Especially when using a proxy I think
this is not expected behavior for users (when calling a POTS number, it
needs to be followed by "@proxyserverlocation"). I'd suggest to default
to the domain of the proxy (if one is used) or the domain of the user if
no domain is specified.
Last suggestion: (;-)) when I configured Linphone to use a proxy I was
asked to enter a "SIP Identity" and "SIP Proxy". I didn't know what to
enter, but must have guessed the right thing (two times my SIP address
at the proxy) because it works. Maybe that dialog could be changed to
e.g. what kphone does (something like "Server address" and "Username" as

Kind regards,

p.s. Please CC me on replies as I'm not subscribed to this list.


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