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RE: [Linphone-developers] question about rtp packets

From: meng hongling
Subject: RE: [Linphone-developers] question about rtp packets
Date: Thu, 16 Mar 2006 21:13:58 +0800

another more question
Since my sound card only support stereo,I have to discard a half samples.
so I edit osscard.c oss_card_read() function like this:
char *buf;
buf=(char *)malloc(2*bsize);   ******here my board bsize=8192
char buffer[err];
for (j=0;j<err;j=j+2)
buffer[j]=buf[2*j]; ******ample format is 16 bits so I have to discard 2 bytes in buffer[j+1]=buf[2*j+1]; ******every 4 bytes.
when I capture rtp packets with ethereal,I find it does send 50 packets per sencond,compared with 100 before.but I can't here clear sound but too much "kaka" noise at the other side of the call(with desktop computer).
Any suggestion is appreciated.
thanks a lot!

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