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[Linphone-developers] Problem loading plugins (dirent d_type checking)

From: Manuel Jander
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Problem loading plugins (dirent d_type checking)
Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2006 17:01:40 +0200

Hi everyone,

Playing around with Linphone plugins, on several systems the following 
check for "regular files" in the plugin loader loop does never return
true, and no plugin is being loaded.

mediastreamer/ms.c Row 363

while( (de=readdir(ds))!=NULL){
    if (de->d_type==DT_REG && strstr(de->d_name,PLUGINS_EXT)!=NULL) {
        void *handle;

I would recommend checking if de->d_type is different that DT_DIR
instead, because that seems to more likely hold true for the files of
interest here. That would be incorrectly true for device nodes, sockets
and stuff like that, but that would be a rather patological case for the
plugin directory. Removing the d_type check entirely, would be another

Any comments ?

Best Regards,
Manuel Jander

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