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[Linphone-developers] ortp - sound not clear

From: Ram
Subject: [Linphone-developers] ortp - sound not clear
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2006 20:19:34 +0530

I am working on WINCE and trying to make ortp work on it.
 I have been able to recieve some sound at the rtp reciever. but the sound is not clear. i can only feel some body is speaking. I have made the following changes in posixtimer.c to get to here.
i know these are not the optimal values - i am just trying to find that out?
#define TIME_INTERVAL           10
#define TIME_RESOLUTION       02
#define TIME_TIMEOUT            12
 timerId = timeSetEvent (TIME_INTERVAL, 02, timerCb, 0, TIME_PERIODIC | TIME_CALLBACK_FUNCTION);
If i change any other value - sound still detoriates.
i dont know why ?.
Still - i dont understand this logic of stopping and starting the threads.
why is this done?
Does this mean - every 10ms i put a packet into the sound driver buffer?.
What happens if i send only 3ms data in each packet.
I am using 48000, 32 bits/sample.
i am sending and recieving 1152bytes(3ms data).
each ms data consists of 384 bytes (48 * 2 * 4) - 2 channels.
For this above situation what should be the value of
incrementing (userts and ts) at sender and reciver side.
I am trying to increment by the number of samples sent.
I dont know if the problem is related to my gettimeofday function or my payload type. (What does BITRATE mean in payload structure?)
Please Advice.
(My gettimeofday and payload structure looks like this)
int gettimeofday (struct timeval *tv, void* tz)
  __int64 ns100; /*time since 1 Jan 1601 in 100ns units */
  FILETIME fileTime;
 } now;
    SYSTEMTIME SystemTime;
 SystemTimeToFileTime(&SystemTime, &now.fileTime ) ;
 tv->tv_usec = (long) ((now.ns100 / 10L) % 1000000L);
 tv->tv_sec = (long) ((now.ns100 - 116444736000000000L) / 10000000L);
 return (0);

PayloadType payload_type_osk=


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