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[Linphone-developers] linphone -3 audio rtp packet loss

From: Harishkumar V
Subject: [Linphone-developers] linphone -3 audio rtp packet loss
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 18:46:07 +0530

Dear all,

i have successfully installed linphone-3 on 2 linux pc's and tested voice chat between these 2 pc's connected in LAN using
sip url : address@hidden of the computer in LAN. it works.

Then, i enabled my machine to have direct connection.

i registered with and when login, i was able to make call to other user and the other user also has direct internet connection. he was able to get the ringing tone, but once the call is accepted, the voice does not work. we unable to hear.

i attach some log messages,

Audio session's RTP statistics :
message:  number of rtp packet sent=7177
message:  number of rtp bytes sent=1234444 bytes
message:  number of rtp packet received=0
message:  number of rtp bytes received=0 bytes
message:  number of incoming rtp bytes successfully delivered to the application=0
message:  number of times the application queried a packet that didn't exist=14357
message:  number of rtp packet lost=0
message:  number of rtp packets received too late=0
message:  number of bad formatted rtp packets=0
message:  number of packet discarded because of queue overflow=0
message: ms_filter_unlink: MSAlsaRead:0x92fe838,0-->MSUlawEnc:0x92ec4e0,0
message: ms_filter_unlink: MSDtmfGen:0x92fa148,0-

how to make it work ?


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