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[Linphone-developers] is mediaStreamer code scalable for 100-200 audio c

From: Parveen Jain
Subject: [Linphone-developers] is mediaStreamer code scalable for 100-200 audio calls
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 17:48:07 +0530

Hi All,
  I am trying to assess the mediaStreamer code for one of my project requirement.I had worked with basic call using mediaStreamer2 and oRTP,and I could establish one rtp session using the APIs provided in audiostream.c.Now I wanted to scale up the same application.
my question is:
  Is it possible to scale up the application which is using mediaStreamer2 .I wanted to establish almost 200 audio calls(or more) simultaneously.I was using "audio_stream_start_with_files"  API for establishing one RTP session,but whenever it starts up the call using this API, it gets busy in sending the RTP data without returning to main application until it finishes.If I go by this approach it means that I may have to create as many thread as the no. of RTP sessions I wanted to create, which can leads to sufficient resources burden to system.
   Is there any way possible where I can start several RTP sessions without creating new threads.I am also ready to do some code changes(if these are minor), where mediaStreamer will run in a separate thread and will keep on sending data on several simultaneous RTP session without sticking only for one session.

I can clarify further regarding my question if required :)

Best Regards,
Parveen Jain

PS.Inadvertently sent the half done mail previously, please ignore that.

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