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[Linphone-developers] msx264.c visual studio compile error

From: P.Muge Ersoy
Subject: [Linphone-developers] msx264.c visual studio compile error
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2010 17:52:33 +0300

Hi All;

I am new to linphone and trying to compile mediastreamer2 with msx264.c .. I simply put the file into src folder of mediastreamer2.. and add to the vcproj file.. There were many errors.. and i fixed them .. But i have one and unable to understand and fix it.. Compiler complains about
"Error    4    error C3861: 'b64_decode': identifier not found    c:\workspace\sip_client_ng\sipc_pjsip_client\third_party\mediastreamintegreation\mediastreamer2\src\msx264.c    588    "

I am checking the ortp\b64.h file.. and it is simple written there.. There shouldn't be any compile error because of this reason..  b64_decode called bye mediastreamer2\src\msrtp.c(135):    d->relay_session_id_size=b64_decode(tmp, strlen(tmp), (void*)d->relay_session_id, (unsigned int)sizeof(d->relay_session_id));  also.. It does not cause any issue.

But dec_add_fmtp(MSFilter *f, void *arg) function from msx264 creates the compile error..
static int dec_add_fmtp(MSFilter *f, void *arg){
    DecData *d=(DecData*)f->data;
    const char *fmtp=(const char *)arg;
    char value[256];
    if (fmtp_get_value(fmtp,"sprop-parameter-sets",value,sizeof(value))){
        char * b64_sps=value;
        char * b64_pps=strchr(value,',');
        if (b64_pps){
            ms_message("Got sprop-parameter-sets : sps=%s , pps=%s",b64_sps,b64_pps);
    return 0;

I appreciate your help very much

Thank you


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