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[Linphone-developers] Mediastreamer newbie seeks clue.

From: Herb Peyerl
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Mediastreamer newbie seeks clue.
Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:49:35 -0400
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I found mediastreamer and it looks like just the thing to handle
multiple hw audio streams and RTP audio streams on my little powerpc
project... I've got started with the mediastreamer2/tests/mediastream.c
example and can send it a single RTP stream from a remote gstreamer
using PCMA and play it to my headset... Now, I want to add a second
(or Nth) RTP session and have mediastreamer mix them together...

Looking through the code, it appears this is all supported by oRTP
and Mediastreamer2 but I simply don't know how to build the filter
chain to support it... I naively tried sending a second session to
it but that causes all ALSA output to cease until I kill the one
of the streams...

Are there more examples somewhere?  I've not been able to find
anything in my searches. 


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