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[Linphone-developers] latest linphone-iphone release does not compile in

From: Haysam Rachid
Subject: [Linphone-developers] latest linphone-iphone release does not compile in xcode
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2012 18:11:02 -0500

The recent release has a couple of semantic errors as well as a library error.

1. function linphone_core_is_network_reachable produces a warning:      
implicit declaration is invalid in C99
2. in linphonecore.h in enum _LinphoneCallState there is one state that used to 
be called LinphoneCallUpdated and was changed to LinphoneCallUpdating.
    this produces an error
3. function linphone_core_find_payload_type there is an extra parameter defined 
as channels. This also produces a compiler error
4. Finally the linker seems to be still looking for libmediastreamer library 
and I am assuming that the new release has now split the library into 
    and libmediastreamer_voip.

I could make the changes, but I don't think I got access. It would be nice if 
someone let's me know when this issues will be resolved…..

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