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Re: [Linphone-developers] Hebrew translation and testing difficulty

From: Genghis Khan
Subject: Re: [Linphone-developers] Hebrew translation and testing difficulty
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2012 20:05:57 +0200

The following writings are relevant to future Semitic translators of RTL
languages such as Arabic, Farsi and Urdu.

For the record, herein a fix of the in-call time duration for RTL
translators of Linphone.

Liphone, or rather GTK+, by default will make the following string
%02i::%02i::%02i hours::minutes::seconds to appear with RTL
configuration in the following inverted order seconds::minutes::hours.

Solution #1
One way to attempt to "correct" it is to define each time unit with
letters.  For example:
שעות %02i דקות %02i שניות %02i

  Hours שעות
Minutes דקות
Seconds שניות

Solution #2
In order to correct/force the alignment, it is necessary to insert an
LRO character at the beginning of the translation entry in which you
translate string (i.e. msgstr), which will result in a correction to
the original order.  See attached text file with a hex editor and an
image shows an in-call session at 18 minutes and 21 seconds.

Details about LRO (U+202D)
[not a printable character]


General Character Properties

In Unicode since: 1.1
Unicode category: Other, Format

Various Useful Representations

UTF-8: 0xE2 0x80 0xAD
UTF-16: 0x202D

C octal escaped UTF-8: \342\200\255
XML decimal entity: ‭

Annotations and Cross References

 • commonly abbreviated LRO

@Linphone developers
Perhaps it is preferred to do the same and insert an LRO character to
the original text entry (i.e. msgid) so RTL translators would be able
to merely copy this string, if ever need, or just leave it instead of
thinking of how to fiddle with invisible Unicode Control Characters.

On Wed, 7 Nov 2012 18:03:58 +0200
Genghis Khan <address@hidden> wrote:

> On Wed, 7 Nov 2012 15:40:43 +0100
> Guillaume Beraudo <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > > > > I have tried to use the translation with this command:
> > > > > $ LANG=he_IL.utf8 linphone
> > Have you tried "LC_ALL=he_IL.utf8 linphone" ?
> It is working.  Thank you so much!
> I will complete as many as strings as possible and I will send you an
> updated and accurate .po file in the next week.
> > Guillaume
> > 

Proper English
4 teh lulz...

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