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[Linphone-developers] upload_bw/download_bw not working on Linphone Andr

Subject: [Linphone-developers] upload_bw/download_bw not working on Linphone Android
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 10:39:08 +0100

Hi list,

I’m using the upload_bw/download_bw settings on both Android and iPhone versions of Linphone in order to control the maximum bandwith for videocall (h264), but the logs show that this setting is only working as expected for iPhone version.

With a value of 96kbps for the upload_bw/download_bw on both terminals (iPhone/Android):

-          iPhone’s debug for the video shows an stable upload bandwith below the 96kbps limit but the download bandwith is out the limitation, ej:

bandwidth usage: audio=[d=22.5,u=24.8] video=[d=284.6,u=28.4] kbit/sec

bandwidth usage: audio=[d=24.4,u=24.4] video=[d=330.5,u=25.0] kbit/sec

bandwidth usage: audio=[d=23.1,u=24.2] video=[d=195.5,u=40.5] kbit/sec


-          Android’s debug for the video shows the opposite situation: an stable download bandwith below the 96kbps limit but the upload bandwith exceeds the limits, ej:

        bandwidth usage: audio=[d=23.9,u=24.4] video=[d=23.7,u=263.3] kbit/sec

bandwidth usage: audio=[d=25.1,u=24.4] video=[d=18.6,u=298.1] kbit/sec

bandwidth usage: audio=[d=24.1,u=24.4] video=[d=26.6,u=291.0] kbit/sec


Is there any localized problem with the upload_bw/download_bw functionality on Android version of Linphone?

Thanks in advanced


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