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[Linphone-developers] Audio streams without an associated system device

From: Darren Kulp
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Audio streams without an associated system device
Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 10:27:42 -0600


I am interested in using liblinphone in the implementation of a Bell 103 SIP 
softmodem (it's a strange project). However I cannot see a way to use 
liblinphone with an application that already has direct access to sampled audio 
data ; the API I see at
 indicates that I can only connect liblinphone to a system device. I would like 
to supply a callback to liblinphone that allows it to give me decoded audio 
data from a connected audio call, and another callback that allows me to supply 
audio of my own to be encoded and transmitted.

Am I understanding this correctly ? If so, can anyone provide guidance on 
whether this is likely to be straightforward to add to liblinphone for my 
personal use ? If I do eventually add such functionality, would it be welcomed 
in liblinphone or is it out of scope for the project ? Consider that I would be 
adding this functionality for audio only, and so I assume that if such 
functionality were included it would be desired to support video as well.



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