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[Linphone-developers] Looking for help regarding Codec settings in Linph

From: Vishal Deep
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Looking for help regarding Codec settings in Linphone Android.
Date: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 04:24:40 -0700

Hello Team,

Greetings from my side.

I am a Developer of linphone working in a Indian Company.

My team assign me a project where i need to  integrate an API for login and password.

here is the sample:

INPUT (must be given via POST)
 'user' => username, usually email address
 'pass' => password

  "sip_pass" : "XXXXXXXX",
  "sip_port" : "6050",
  "sip_proto" : "udp",
  "sip_server" : "server name",
  "sip_user" : "e782b2442a",


  "sms_enabled" : false,
  "sms_error_message" : "This feature is not available on your account.",
  "success" : true


i have implemented all settings very well but i am stuck on


please let me know how to put these settings which results App use only codec which is coming from API.

Please help me to do this task.
Looking forward to hearing you asap.
Thank you.

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