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[Linphone-developers] LinphoneCore.iterate() in Android

From: Eugene Punsal Lozada
Subject: [Linphone-developers] LinphoneCore.iterate() in Android
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2016 13:43:34 +0800

I’d like to get some clarification on properly setting up the 
LinphoneCore.iterate() loop in Android

1) For mobile, what is the most ideal delay between two calls to iterate()? The 
reference android app schedules a TimerTask every 20 ms.  Are there any factors 
or parameters that should be driving this value?

2) The documentation for LinphoneCore.iterate() indicates that iterate() should 
be called in the same thread as other liblinphone methods.    Right now in my 
test application, I’m calling iterate() in a background thread running inside a 
scheduledexecutorservice.  So when the doc states that other liblinphone 
methods should be called in the same thread, does that mean I should dispatch 
the calls to core methods like accept(), terminate etc… to the same thread?  In 
the reference linphone android app, I can see that LinphoneManager dispatches 
the call to iterate() to the UI thread.  Is this good practice?

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