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[Linphone-developers] Sound settings not applied until restarting app

From: Stefan Oud
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Sound settings not applied until restarting app
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019 08:00:00 +0200

Dear developers,

I want to change the audio settings with the linphone configuration.
When I do for example:
- lc.getConfig().setFloat("sound", "my_key", new_key);
- applied_key = lc.getConfig().getFloat("sound", "my_key", -1);
I can read back the new data, but the settings in the linphone core, for example:
float applied_key = lp_config_get_float(config, "sound", "my_key", -1);
Will not get updated until I restart the app.
Is there a way to apply the changes after setting the value in the preferences?
I know that the linphone version in the app store can change the microphone gain without needing restart.
When I set "mic_gain_db" with lc.getConfig().setFloat, it still requires a restart before taking effect (also for other keys).
The same holds for LinphonePreferences.instantce().getConfig()
How can I update the settings correctly?
Best regards,

Stefan Oud.

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