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[Linphone-developers] External Camera and screen for Linphone Android

Subject: [Linphone-developers] External Camera and screen for Linphone Android
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 19:37:36 +0530

Hi there

I am working on a project using Linphone Android(Video conferencing). I wanted to use an external IP camera, screen, mic and speaker for conferences. The data buffers (phone - above given peripherals) can be sent and read using UDP/FTP port.  But I am confused about where to start.
I was thinking about reimplementing various JNIWrappers (for video capture and playback) and make the native function call from them in the same way current wrappers do. So basically in Linphone's mediastreamer pipeline, the endpoint filters will be reimplemented. This way, there will be no change in the codec part and streaming part.

Is this really the best way to approach the problem? Any bits of advice on implementing this?

Best Regards

Basil M Varghese
Contact: +91-8872786225

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