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[Linphone-developers] Working on Linphone Android - Chatting Issues

From: Brightson Jupirik
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Working on Linphone Android - Chatting Issues
Date: Thu, 5 Mar 2020 09:07:26 +0000

Good Day,

I’m currently working on the Linphone Android, It seems like there is a Chatting Issue with our SIP Server.

1. Using Linphone A Sending a Chat to  Linphone B, will create a Chatroom (of Course)

2. When Linphone B Reply it will create another Chatroom on Linphone A, ignoring the first initiated chatroom


3.  When Linphone A, reply on the New created Chatroom, the Message will not reach Linphone B


4. But replying on Linphone A initiated Chatroom will reach Chatroom Linphone B,

5. Linphone B replies will go to the newly created Linphone A Chatroom

upon Checking on the Code and amended a Toast Message to Indicate the Chatroom Address Parameter I Found that the


1.       Linphone A -Initiated Chatroom(ProxyAddress,ProxyAddress)

2.       Linphone B - Received Chatroom(proxyAddress, LocalAddress)

3.       Linphone A - Replied Chatroom(LocalAddress,LocalAddress)


Do let me know if your require the log file for this issues



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