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[Linphone-developers] SRTP encryption, mandatory, not enforced?

From: Michael Williamson
Subject: [Linphone-developers] SRTP encryption, mandatory, not enforced?
Date: Fri, 22 May 2020 08:15:50 -0500

My SIP provider, Callcentric, insists they have not enabled SRTP encryption on their servers, yet when I enable the option on my Linphone 3.6.1 (on Fedora 32, distro-maintained) and select "mandatory" it still works and appears to be encrypting the call to their server. Either they are mistaken and are accepting encrypted calls, or the "mandatory" option is being ignored by Linphone and the communication between Linphone and Callcentric's server is unencrypted.

If it is latter case, this would be giving a false sense of security to Linphone users who might have unencrypted calls otherwise displayed as encrypted. The entire time I had encryption enabled, I'd get the "Secured by SRTP" note displayed on my Linphone softphone.

A concerned Linphone user,
Michael S. Williamson

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