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[Linphone-developers] Help

From: BunnyHeart
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Help
Date: Sat, 20 Aug 2022 11:59:25 -0300

Hey; I'm trying to call a real number (tried 3 real numbers: Paypal's support, Target and my own number). I tried using MicroSIP and SoftphonePro to make the call. Whenever I go to the "add account" page and enter all of my SIP server information provided by Linphone; there's a problem with my proxy; I put all the other info about the SIP server, I hit "save" and everything is fine, but when I put the proxy address, MicroSIP or SoftphonePro yields an error. And I believe it is because of this proxy issue that I cannot make any calls using those programs, both yield "not found" when I try to make a call. As far as I know I didn't make any mistake in regards to the prefix or the number itself; for example, when trying to call Paypal I tried every possible number, including: +18882211161. I'd like this proxy issue solved. Thanks in advance!

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