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[Linphone-developers] Outgoing call with No Audio

From: Andrew Boden
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Outgoing call with No Audio
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 10:07:24 +0100

Hi Developers, Thanks for your hard work. 

I have an issue with an android build that I am using and intend to do small 
scale testing (10 users) over the next 10 days. 

Problem description:
Outgoing calls from my device (Device 1) do not work as they have no audio in 
ether direction. Note: video does show in both directions 

Expected functionality:
Audio and video works in both call directions.

Device 1 is a Android Tv based on Android 9 with a custom build of the Linphone 
android app based on build:
Device 2 is an iOS Phone with current App Store build. 
Core has not been modified only app level modification for TV use and USB 
WebCam have been made

If the iOS phone  (device 2) calls the Tv (device 1) the call connects and 
video is shown but no audio can be heard in both directions 

If the android TV (device 1) calls the iOS phone (device 2) the call connects 
and video can be seen but no no audio is heard in ether direction. 

Testing so far:
I have tried looking at the logs (attached) but can not see the obvious issue 
with the audio. 
I have tried placing a call from the iOS phone (Device 2) to the TV (device1) 
after the call audio issue and the call connects correctly and audio is present 
so I assume that it is not a call state issue but more likely a codex or 
negotiation issue.
In a failed audio call I have tried muting / unmuting the audio on both ends 
and stopping and restarting the video in case this will cause a stuck process 
to restart

Additional logs messages have be added around audio route helper in the app to 
see if this will reveal the issue. 

Attached logs are from Device 1 the TV
Log 1 is start-up through successful incoming call from iOS phone (device 2) to 
TV (device 1) with working audio
Log 2 is the following log with a failed call from the TV (device 1) to the iOS 
phone (device 2) all the way to call termination (note no extra button press 
etc )

Please take a look at the logs and give me some feedback as soon as you can.



Attachment: Log 1 (Ios to TV OK).txt
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