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[Linphone-developers] Unable to hear speech

From: Daniel Kelly
Subject: [Linphone-developers] Unable to hear speech
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 07:34:10 +0000



I’m hoping someone may be able to point me in the direction as to what may be happening in our scenario.


I’m using Linphone on Xamarin Forms (Android) and am having a speech filtering / detection issue (explanation below).


Essentially what is happening is we have a SIP style intercom on one end and our application on the other.


When the user is within 3 – 5 metres of the intercom, our application hears and plays the speech as expected.


When they move further away, we can no longer hear them talking.


Originally, we were going down the path of the issue was with the Intercom but after exhausting all possibilities there, we started looking into our end.


The issue we believe in in our Linphone implementation as we can download another SIP client (such as MizuDroid) and install it on the same device as our application and registered with the same SIP server and it works perfectly with the user being able to walk 15m+ from the intercom and you can still hear them.


So our assumption is that something in Linphone is filtering out the speech but I’m sure specifically what this would be or technically be classed as (referred to as) to start looking into resolutions or configuration tweaking.


Any ideas or assistance would be muchly appreciated. 





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