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Re: [Linphone-users] Conferencing

From: Willem van der Walt
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Conferencing
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2018 07:32:15 +0200 (SAST)
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In 3.5.0 where I am starting to use linphonec, there is a command conference.
help conference
'conference add <call id> : join the call with id 'call id' into the audio conference.'conference rm <call id> : remove the call with id 'call id' from the audio conference. This is the command line client, but I am sure you who has that much of a later version must have the feature.
I have not used it though, so cannot tell how well it works.
HTH, Willem

On Fri, 20 Apr 2018, Louis Holbrook wrote:

With which linphone clients is it possible to do conferencing?

I'm running 3.11.2 on arch 4.15.13 and can't find any options for it anywhere.

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