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Re: [Linphone-users] switch audio devices more easily

From: Stefan Mueller
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] switch audio devices more easily
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 2021 16:03:35 +0100

I would like to come back on this issue.

It looks like a bug to me, each time audio configuration changes (e.g. when I roam between homo-office and office) I loose audio.
I have to restart Linphone to make it aware of all audio devices.

I'm using Linephone Desktop on Win10 64bit.

Le jeu. 28 oct. 2021 à 10:58, Stefan Mueller <> a écrit :
me again  just did call and noticed that there is quick change button but it does not show all devices 

but they are all shown in settings:

is it a bug?

Le mer. 27 oct. 2021 à 20:40, Stefan Mueller <> a écrit :
I have mistaken your answer.

My question was, if Linphone has an feature like PhonerLite or TEAMS has?
That is the reason I added those screenshots

Le mer. 27 oct. 2021 à 20:01, Trent Creekmore <> a écrit :

I looked a their CONTACT info and shows they have their own forum

On 10/27/21 10:58 AM, Stefan Mueller wrote:
Contact | Linphone tells me, that there is only this LINPHONE-USERS MAILING LIST.

If that is not possbile I would ask on the LINPHONE-DEVELOPERS MAILING LIST if that can be added 

Le mer. 27 oct. 2021 à 17:53, Trent Creekmore <> a écrit :

May want to ask the Phoner people how to use PhonerLite

On 10/27/21 6:50 AM, Stefan Mueller wrote:
Hello all,
I search all over the app, but there is not a simple button which allows me so switch audio devices during a call.
Did I overlooked it?

Depending on my location there different audio devices connected to my notebook.
Currently I have to go to settings each time, it changes. 
Quite often I forget it and end-up in call without audio (as I have the wrong device on my head)

Thank you

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