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Re: Sony Programmable Interrupt Controller

From: W.
Subject: Re: Sony Programmable Interrupt Controller
Date: 07 Jul 2001 18:22:46 -0500

On 07 Jul 2001 23:56:47 +0100, Martin Hamilton wrote:
> per /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sonypi.txt after applying
> Stelian's patch
Didn't even think of looking for documentation there after the patch.
Oops.  But, I can see the minor number is just chosen, not fixed.  So, I
too now have this working.

> | I'd like to get the jog dial functioning as a mouse scroll wheel.
> I think the "stuff to run when someone hits a magic key" part really
> needs to be driven from a per-user rc file - one or two of the other
> jogdial drivers have this already.
Yes, this is the way things should be done.  Wonder what this would
actually take...  I'll have to look.
> Stelian's drivers are in the -ac kernel source tree now, BTW
hmmm.... the -ac kernels tend to cause problems with other things I use
(like ipsec) so I tend to stay away from them.

Jamin W. Collins

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