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From: Mererid Carwile
Subject: Re: PHcugARMACY
Date: Sun, 23 Apr 2006 13:18:55 -0400

M d E u R z I t D a I m A t
S x O o M t A y
V v I l A n G r R f A y
C r I h A o L q I m S k
A i M t B c I q E o N y
V x A c L v I c U s M d
X u A s N p A m X p
lot of crumbs wouldnt have gone court-free and others would be doing longer jail terms if he hadnt given shrewd advice to their attorneys of record. You might say hes a behind-the-scenes storefront lawyer, the stores in his case being saloons, pool halls and probably warehouses.... Since Ive been where hes at in the booze terrain, he sounds straight arrow to me. Hes handling it better than I ever did.

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