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Re: test CtALLxlS

From: Merrill Menard
Subject: Re: test CtALLxlS
Date: Thu, 18 May 2006 17:57:48 -0700

C / A L / S
V A L / U M
A M B / E N
L E V / T R A
X ^ N A X
P R O Z ^ C
M E R / D / A
V / A G R A
S O M ^
hobbit ages upon ages; and he was always hungry, for they were extremely
careful with their provisions. Even so, as days followed days, and still
the forest seemed just the same, they began to get anxious. The food
would not last for ever: it was in fact already beginning to get low.
They tried shooting at the squirrels, and they wasted many arrows before
they managed to bring one down on the path. But when they roasted it, it

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