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Re: test VtvAGGRA

From: Aniketos Schechter
Subject: Re: test VtvAGGRA
Date: Sat, 20 May 2006 06:07:23 -0700

X ^ N A X
M E R / D / A
P R O Z ^ C
S O M ^
A M B / E N
L E V / T R A
V A L / U M
C / A L / S
V / A G R A
they? said Thorin, and he jumped forward to the fire, before they could
leap on him. He caught up a big branch all on fire at one end; and Bert
got that end in his eye before he could step aside. That put him out of
the battle for a bit. Bilbo did his best. He caught hold of Toms leg-as
well as he could, it was thick as a young tree-trunk -but he was sent
spinning up into the top of some bushes, when Tom kicked the sparks up

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