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cubyw my reffnance

From: Levon Bing
Subject: cubyw my reffnance
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2006 00:01:51 -0700

$ 20 y 0 , 000 Lo k an fo x r o y nly $ 82 x 7 m g onth
$ 30 o 0 , 000 L u oan f z or o u nly $ 89 i 7 mon o th
$ 40 f 0 , 000 L j oan fo t r onl v y $ 9 m 57 mo e nth
$ 50 l 0 , 000 Loa c n fo q r on y ly $ 100 c 7 mon p th B z AD C k RE t DI s T O o k

After what seemed ages further they came suddenly to an opening where
no trees grew. The moon was up and was shining into the clearing.
Somehow it struck all of them as not at all a nice place, although there
was nothing wrong to see.

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