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From: cruelty
Subject: alexandra
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2006 10:01:30 -0700

Corporate insider info that is worth learning

Fellow Invesstor, big news are hitting on thursday for AG AO!!!

Somebody knows AGA O on the radar!!!

Get ready for a volatile 2nd half of 2006 - one where the Bulls and 
Bears will BOTH be proved wrong. But odds are, we'll see another 
year where the mraket indexes bounce around a lot without really going 
anywhere. And we'll also see certain sectors - favored at this point in the 
economic cycle - SOAR... 

Own the right stockks, in the right space, and you could reap a 
handful of money-doublers. But if you own the wrong investment, you could easly 
lose 25%-35% or more! 

Here is my Favorite Pick for the second half of 2006: AG AO!!!

Tradee Aelrt: Thursday, August 17, 2006 
Sotck: AGA O 
Currrent PPrice: $1.69
1 Week Target: $4.10
Expectations: Max 

When this Stcok moves - watch out! This is your chance to get in 
the low. Big watch in play this Thursday morning! Out A GAO on your 
radar's now and reap the benefits early. 

There is a massive promotion underway this Thursday, August 17 
apprising potential eager innvestors of this emerging situation. 
When this stcok moves - watch out! sttoocks wee proofile sshow aa significannt 
inccrease iin sttock pprice sometimes in days, not months or years, remember 
this is a sstrong playy. 

Massive news for AGA O this thursday! AGA O is a big mover in the STCOK 

Desperate Diseases Call for Desperate Remedies An ant may well destroy a whole 
dam . All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sleep is better than medicine 
First come, first served  What we see depends mainly on what we look for .
A penny saved makes Jack a dull boy..

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