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07 {month} 2006 {VlidWOrds}

From: Harris Grayson
Subject: 07 {month} 2006 {VlidWOrds}
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 18:25:05 -0060

Company:  Texhoma Energy

To all our valued readers, here's a pick that is 
going through the roof this week and next!!!  In the 
hugely lucrative Oil sector, Texhoma Energy has the 
Recipe for HUGE GAINS!!!

Symbol: TXHE
Current price: Around $O.11
Target price:         $O.35  
Recommendation:  STRONG_BUY

Why is this stock getting our highest buy rating?  It 
has the perfect recipe for incredible gains:

1) Tight float - It's as fresh as they come and is so 
tight most stock is held by only two major 

2) Exposure and promotion - Texhoma Energy is being 
heavily promoted for the next two weeks.  EVERYONE is 
going to know about this winner!

3) News - We are expecting HUGE news related to 
drilling results.  Did they hit the mother load?  
Get ready!!!

Get in now BEFORE the news, and at the BEGINNING of 
the promotion!  Turn $500 into $2000 easily!!!

Trade smart and WIN!!!

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