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From: Juana Maloney
Subject: Dear
Date: Wed, 01 Nov 2006 06:44:05 -0000

Red Reef Labs For New Manufacturnig and Distribution Coxntract In China!

Compsany red Reef Laboratonries Inc.
Price: $0.55
Recommendation: STR ONG B UY 

RREF has just agrteed to the terms of a new manufacturing and distribution 
contract for BioClear(tm)FF. With all the npews on RREF and it expansions 
as well as new applicatons for its prodducts we expect to see more of this 
type of contract going in place and expandng the market for this inneovative 

RREF is pricfed to buy and holding a steady price. We believe with news like 
this and up coming announcemencts of more contracts and the soon to be 
established lab facilities in Louisriana and the upcoming satellite labs that 
stuocks pricee will bring great returns for its inyvestors.

Get on RREF Wed, Morniwng!

I hope it was a helper.I'll email you later this week.

Juana Maloney.

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